What is Coaching?

chances by choices to create change

Timothy Gallwey’s insight about coaching in his book Inner Game was that individuals generally have the answers to their own problems within themselves.

The essential part of coaching, then, is to help people to learn to silence the critical inner voice and allow their instincts, wisdom or their subconscious, to find the answers. A coach supports the client in this endeavour.

Samatva offers a holistic approach to coaching to bring out your potential to understand, align to live an inspired life with your values, purpose and vision.

“ The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

– Marcel Proust

How Coaching Benefits You?



Develop self-knowledge and understand what you need to do to learn, grow and evolve as a person. Become the best version of you that you can be, for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Uncover and tap into your highest, human potential.


Values, Strengths and Vision

Get clarity on your values, strengths and vision for yourself and your life. Find confidence in yourself. Become fully aware of and aligned to the unique contribution you’re here to make through your life.


Mindfulness and connection to yourself

Develop greater calm, presence, mindfulness and connection – to yourself, others and something greater. Explore your own spirituality – as you’d interpret it. Establish a consistent, daily meditation practice.


Explore your Curiosity

Uncover and explore your curiosity, creativity and sense of adventure. Tap into what lights you up (whether personally or professionally)and craft a life that’s full of exploration, play and joy. Just because.

“The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.”

HH Dalai Lama

Why Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation reported some of the key benefits of coaching for individuals as being:

Increased self awareness and EQ (67%)
Lower stress levels (57%)
A more balanced life (60%)
Better goal setting (62%)
Increased self confidence (52%)

What people say!

This is why we do what we do…

Priya, Octave Yoga

I wanted to say I have observed lot of energy throughout my day nowadays.. I don’t feel tired..can do lot of things and still feel fine..
Though I don’t forget to take rest in afternoon as you mentioned in our sessions earlier. Our sessions made me aware of so many things I am doing and how my body needs rest to store the energy back and be in a happy mood with my family and friends.. there are lot of things I started to feel good about Ritika.
Thank you so much for your valuable time and your knowledge on coaching which helped me to make my life better ..lots of gratitude and love.

Ritika Tandon, Goldman Sachs

No judgement imposed, as I express Willing to hear me as is And then offer a thoughtful direction Getting me to pause and immerse in reflection Sometimes it’s been neuroplasticity and sometimes empowerment. Your words have stayed with me and deserve acknowledgement. Though over Zoom, I somehow feel the warmth through the screen. Because I know you care and deeply mean. Jgyaneshwari suits you well. Your reading and years of experience shine through and with pride you deserve to swell
Thank you for being you
Thanks again Ritika!-

Pranav, Nvidia

“Every once in a while it helps to have a kind, non-judgmental soul look into your problems in life and enquire gently about the line of thinking that’s gotten you there. Nobody else can possibly solve my problems for me, but it sure is possible to ask the right questions to try help. Thank you!”

Mindfulness for you

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