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Meet Ritika
Mindfulness and Well-being Practitioner

Namaste, I am Ritika, Founder of Samatva. Samatva was born from my intention to share the experiences of a 20-year journey. I enjoy my work immensely, facilitating workshops and session on creative thinking, resonant leadership, managing emotions, and even some wonderful sales trainings. The natural progression from here was to look within …this led me to yoga, mindfulness, meditation

I progressed to appreciate the study and practice of secular techniques from across the world on mindfulness and wellness, their impact on your personal and professional lives. I knew I had found my calling and purpose. My Ikigai…

The practices are drawn from meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, yoga, creative arts, conscious living to help you flourish, build resilience and be uniquely creative and curious in your life

I also work with young adults with special needs on life and work skills. These equip them to integrate into a professional life from a protected environment

From training that builds high-performance at Hero Honda to cultural sensitivity at Keuhne & Nagel to developing analytical problem-solving toolkits for Citigroup and Hero Mindmine, there are a lot more skills that can be drawn upon

Realising your potential



Have you ever wondered how some of the leaders you’ve worked with have brought out the absolute best in you. They inspire confidence and you end up going the extra
mile for them. Discover your strengths to become the leader your team members roots for.



Mindfulness is a centuries-old idea that has been reinvented to address the challenges of our times. In essence, mindfulness describes a state of being present in the moment. It enables one to pause amidst the incessant flow of information and distractions. It teaches one to respond instead of reacting. It is about opening oneself to the moment and staying present. Mindfulness, defined as present-centred attention and awareness, and has been cultivated for millennia through meditation, visualization and breath work practices.


Everyday Ease

Discover how to operate from a mind-state of calm and to respond rather than react. Confronted with a health challenge or a life situation, the tendency is to obsess with capability rather than copability. As life becomes more uncertain, we need to become more adaptable…

Making an Impact

I began mindfulness & meditation classes with Ritika over a year ago with a lot of skepticism. I wasn’t really the ‘meditating’ type. I was too robotic and impatient. But in no time, Ritika managed to change that with her authenticity, patience and deep knowledge. This has had a hugely positive impact on my outlook in life and relationships.

– Rahat Madhok Mason
Marketing Professional


When I went for my first session with Ritika, I didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious and hadn’t been sleeping well due to work stress and that led to palpitations and high BP. I have a child and I constantly worry about him. Ritika taught me simple techniques to ease my mind and helped me regulate my breathing. Each session was new yet familiar and designed to suit my needs.

– Malvika Singh
HR Professional


Very beneficial and very helpful hints and a great practical session. Will defiantly use some of the practices. Really enjoyed the session, and the tips have already been beneficial. Very helpful! I used the breathing techniques to calm me down in a very stressful situation. So it was not just good for work, but also very practicable in day to day life. “Excellent delivery – enjoyed the session.”

–  Aditee Goyal
Legal Professional


From 8 years, Ritika has been associated with Pallavanjali’s Career Training Program for students with special needs. These are students above 18 years of age. She has been training them in Life Skills, which is the most important learning area for this group. She can easily adapt the sessions to all skill levels. She makes it interesting enough to hold their attention till the end. We are extremely fortunate to have found her.

– Krishna Das, Head of Career Training
Pallavanjali, Gurgaon 


I was going through a tough patch in my life with loneliness and no sense of direction,I had lost sleep and used to be very low, wen I started taking classes with Ritika. Her sessions were healing and bought me back to the positive person I have always been.I now look forward to being happy and full of energy again. God bless her, she is surely on the right path of healing and making difference in people’s life . 

– Lalita Mathur


I reached out to Ritika in Nov 18 not knowing quite well what mindfulness was and why I was attracted to the concept of it. After meeting her, I decided to give a try and havent looked back since then. Ritika’s warmth, empathy and genuineness make the sessions a safe space to be in and a place that you want to keep going back to. Thanks to Ritika and Samatva, I accept myself and things and people around me with less judgement and with an attitude of gratitude. As Ritika says mindfulness is a journey and not a destination, I am truly grateful to have her as my driver, guide and co-passenger.”
Vidhi V


I met Ritika sometime around 2003 while I was working with Hero MotoCorp. I was heading the Learning and Development department there. I feel as a trainer, one needs to establish a connection at an emotional level so as to provide inputs at a logical level. I found Ritika demonstrate this quality during every assignment. Therefore, the impact of her training was such that the implementation and retention were extremely high in the employees.

– Kishore Das
Co Founder, Unitol


Working with the corporates 

Mindfulness in everyday life for Oriflame

Creative thinking in sales, negotiations and influencing skills programme delivered for HUL

“Making an IMPACT” a cross-cultural relationship and professional presence programme for Citigroup and Hero Mindmine

Behavioural transition programme for management trainees to be successful performers delivered at Hero Honda, BILT

Company-wide programme to develop assertiveness, cultural sensitivity training, creativity in sales and coaching at Keuhne & Nagel

Employability skills sessions for young adults from economically weaker sections and young adults with special needs to secure internships with various corporates at Ritanjali, Pallavanjali and Evoluer

Holistic approaches to wellness for Cholamandalam employees

Mindfulness for you

If you’d like to know more about mindfulness and how to make it a part of your daily life, please e-mail me or follow me on instagram